Good Taste Simple Pesto

Here is your go to basil pesto recipe! We love basil and this pesto recipe works great with Good Taste Farm Genovese, Sweet, Large-Leaf or even Thai Basil. The wonderful thing about pesto is that it is very forgiving. You are basically making a flavored nut butter, so depending on what ingredients you have on hand, you can adjust this to your own liking.

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Barbados Gooseberry Jam

Barbados gooseberries are the fruit of a cactus plant and have a tart lemon-like flavor with the distinct earthy characteristics of cactus - if you’ve ever eaten nopales or prickly pear, you’ll find the flavor of these gooseberries to be very familiar! This jam is tart but sweet and perfect for spreading on toast and accompanying meringue or a creamy dessert. Add chili flakes for a take on pepper jelly and serve over cream cheese with crackers or as a unique way to spice up avocado toast.

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Orange Blossom Tea Cake

While there are subtle floral notes in the taste, the orange blossom component in this cake has everything to do with the smell, and it fills your nose with every bite. Dense but still crumbly, it's slightly sweet and inviting the company of a slathering of jam and cup of tea.

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