Good Taste Farm
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We grow for the love of food.

We are a small farm offering hand-grown, high quality fruits, vegetables, and flowers in San Diego County, CA. We share a fresh-from-the-garden experience by growing seasonal favorites, along with unique and unusual varieties from all over the world.



What's in Season Now

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  • Valencia Oranges

  • Kumquats

  • Barbados Gooseberries



  • Swiss Chard

  • Black Radishes

  • Artichokes

  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli


Herbs & SPices

  • Basil

  • Sage

  • Rosemary

  • Dill

  • Green Coriander


Growing Good Taste Since 2013.

We take pride in careful selection of the most delicious seasonal vegetable varieties and are fortunate to be the stewards of a decades old citrus orchard and a newly planted apple orchard, as well as a smattering of other permanent plantings of fruit here and there. We also utilize greenhouse growing to extend and diversify the fruits, veggies and flowers we have available. Our "menu" of produce will change with the seasons, with a solid foundation of fruits weaving in and out of our offerings. We hope to delight and inspire with the changing produce we have on offer throughout our year-round farm.

Because our farm is planted on a human scale, it is possible for us to have mixed plantings of trees, vegetables, and flowers all integrated into a landscape which includes elements of urban development and the native California chaparral. Our farm is as much about the produce we grow as it is enhancing and interacting with the natural habitat that surrounds us and providing open space. Our farming methods are based in an appreciation for pre-industrial market gardens, ecological farming methods, modern growing techniques, and even futuristic, resource-conserving controlled environment agriculture.

We Grow What you want

We want to grow what you want to buy, so if you are looking for something specific, just let us know. We enjoy growing the best tasting produce and hard-to-find heirloom varieties, including regional specialty produce from around the world. We can also grow custom crops for bulk wholesale ordering. Contact us for details!


We sell DIRECT

We have a selection of produce available to restaurants, chefs, farm-to-school, and distributors at bulk pricing. Orders can be placed for pickup in San Diego or Fallbrook or delivery. We can custom grow on a contract basis for your business or institution.


We sell a selection of our seasonal produce online, available for mail delivery in the US and for local pick up at a farmers market. 


Our produce is available to individuals, restaurants, chefs, institutions and distributors at Farmers’ Markets and by Delivery/Pickup. Come meet us at a local market and buy our produce!


See what we're up to on the farm

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